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[2003] A Time-dependent Corrosion Wastage Model for Bulk Carrier Struc…

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International Journal of Maritime Engineering, Vol.145, Part A2, 2003, pp.61-87

A Time-dependent Corrosion Wastage Model for Bulk Carrier Structures

Author(s): Jeom Kee Paik, Anil Kumar Thayamballi, Young Il Park St and Joon Sung Hwang

The aim of the present work is to develop a mathematical model for predicting uniform or pit corrosion wastage of bulk carrier structures as a function of time. Corrosion measurements for existing bulk carriers of various ages are collected and the statistical characteristics (mean, variance, distribution) of measured corrosion data are quantified in terms of ship age. A set of the annualized corrosion rate models for 23 different structural member groups by type and location, considering plating, and webs and flanges of stiffening, are then developed by statistical analysis of the corrosion measurements. The results of this study can be updated as additional experience is accumulated. Nominal design corrosion values (NDCV) for the 23 different member groups are proposed. The results and insights developed from the present work should be useful for predicting the depth of uniform or pit corrosion in bulk carrier structures. Mean and COV of corrosion wastage so predicted will be used for time-dependent risk or reliability assessment of aged ships. They should also be useful for establishing requirements and guidelines for the relevant corrosion protection measures and for designing corrosion tolerant bulk carrier structures in general.

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